Me and Sicily

Mountain bike is my love. My name is Temis and I live mainly in the mountains of central Slovakia. After years in the saddle my need for speed was somehow trasformed into wider delight of mountainbiking. Riding and surrounding nature became equal adventures. Continued search for the new drifted me in many corners of Europe, Asia and Africa. And in 2008 to Sicily. Here, my pure biking was confrontated with breathing history, excellent cuisine, mild sea and (yes) a kind of luxury. Returning back every year I have built a base here where we enjoyed a lot of fun with my friends. And this is why I decided to offer this beautiful experience to other MTB enthusiasts. If you find this interesting just go on reading what you can enjoy here with me.

Sicily is the biggest and with 5m residents also the most populous Mediterranean island. You find here subtropical climate with long-term stable weather and unrivalled warm sea. In June and September just cut out for mountainbiking, sea swimming and evening city tours. „Our“ area of interest is located in the northeast of the island where we both ride and enjoy history and pizza. We shall pedal in national parks of Nebrodi and Malabotta and bring some adrenaline up on Etna volcano. Afternoon and evening trips shall bring us to places of ancient and medieval memories in mountain and coastal cities.