Accomodation and Meals

We are accomodated in appartments of coastal resort Portorosa residence – the locality with long-term highest sea temperatures in Europe. Appartments dispose of one or two double-rooms with separate kitchen, bathroom, living room and garden or terrace. Kitchen is completely equipped and there´s always at leats one wash-machine. There are shops, bars and caffes in the resort.

All breakfasts and dinners (for evenings in resort) are included. And the chef´s class of original italian Tiramisu cooking with its subsequent devouring. Everyday we start with large breakfast adjusted to feed up necessary energy but to digest easily before the ride. Foods during riding are individual. As we ride in unsettled areas the packets with dry food according to personal preferences can be offered. Rides last untill afternoon thus the place and form of late lunch depends mainly on next programme. Evening trips with greco-romano-italian history inspiration shall hopefuly cocker our stomachs finally. For evenings in resort we shall have grills full of meat and vegetables.